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“Every day when I come home from work the first thing I choose to do is sit down and play a game or two of solitaire (SolSuite) before I have to start my nightly chores.
I really have fun playing your games! Thank you!

Loretta Woodward U.S.

“I'm impressed with the exceptional quality of SolSuite Solitaire
and am spreading the word among my friends and family.”

Donna Hensley U.S.

“Not only is SolSuite the very best set of card games on the whole of the Internet,
but the Support is second to none - simply amazing. I have been at this address for 17 years
and I know I already had SolSuite on my computer before I moved here.
I knew way back then that the quality of your graphics and the professional
'style' of the way your programme was designed was so much better than
any other card game on sale, and I've never regretted paying your charges.“

Geoff Lacey Great Britain

I have enjoyed SolSuite for over ten years and your support is part of the reason.
Thanks to all of you for myour continuing support. In a world of choice, this your attitude and
commitment towards your customer-users does is the difference.“

David J. Wyner U.S.

“Greetings from Iceland! Thank You for your fun games; I appreciate the effort you put into SolSuite. I can tell you that in my ISOLATED, DARK AND COLD COUNTRY, especially during the long and cold days/nights of winter, many an Icelander has gone mad-mad I tell you!!!-from the lack of sunlight and warmth. It is a comfort to have these games.“

Kilowag Magnusson Iceland

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