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SolSuite Solitaire

"Really a wonderful pack! I have explored only a small part of the Whole set of games, but some of them are really a joy for the mind!"
— Guido Colenghi, Italy

"I have used SolSuite Solitaire for easily 10 years, maybe more. I know that I have upgraded my computer systems and you always have had upgraded before me. Also, unlike other game software, you have never changed how it is played. The graphics have also been congruent with the upgraded system, always improved, never degraded. The game is fun and I rate it high. If anyone else uses the software the way I do, I highly recommend it. It satisfies my need for a quick run in between my various tasks. Thanks for keeping it the same, so I don't have to learn something new in order to enjoy it."
— Ella McCullough, U.S.

"Just want you to know that I've been playing SolSuite several times every day for the last 20 years... and can't imagine computer life without it. Your menus and background material are nothing short of sensational. Thank you very much..."
— Michael Sinelnikoff, Canada

"May I say that I have had SolSuite on my PC since way before 10.xx and I just love the product. Kudos to you the developers. I can estimate that I have used SolSuite for more than or around 10 years now and it must still be my favourite application of all time. Used to kill stress or just to wind down after a hard day at work. Well done on a classic product - don't stop evolving it..."
— Stanley Nykamp, United Kingdom

MahJong Suite

"I have played this version for several years and enjoy it as much today as I did when I first purchased it. As an older player (I am 75) it helps my concentration and keeps my mind sharp. I recommend it to anyone who loves a challenging game.
— Renate Austin, U.S.

"I LOVE MahJong Suite! This game provides a selection of features and choices that have to be seen to be believed! Hope you have lots of free time because this version of MahJong is highly addictive!"
— Kathleen Gall, U.S.

"I must take this opportunity to say that I LOVE my MahJong and would be totally lost without it. You are helping me to keep the brain active as well as giving me hours of frustrating pleasure. I have been using your MahJong Suite for years and haven't found a better one ANYWHERE on the net."
— Elizabeth Wall, Great Britain

Sudoku Up

"Thank you for your quick attention to this matter. The solution you provide worked. I just want to let you know that I have been playing Sudoku ever since it was introduced in the New York Post back in April of 2005. I have tried many different Sudoku programs over the years and your product (Sudoku Up) is by far the best I have found. This is not fluff, I really mean it. Congratulations on putting together an excellent product!"
— John Thomas, U.S

Hearts Premium

"I have played your Hearts Premium card game for a few months now. I have enjoyed it immensely and have found the play theory quite good. As a Hearts player for over forty years this is by far the best computer version I have found. So I am purchasing my license to show my support. The many hours I have been entertained are well worth this small price. Thank you..."
— Elizabeth Reed, U.S.

123 Free Solitaire

"Exactly tool to change your mind set.... Gives you a good break by challenging your ability to plan ahead."
— William Hill

"I have used 123 Free Solitaire for many years and really like it. It does everything needed in such software and I could think of nothing that could be done to improve it. I have recommended it to many of my friends and family too. Thanks for what you have made."
— David C. Mullen

"Easily the best of the Free Solitaire games. Slick design, great graphics and speedy gameplay. What more can one ask?"
— Clive Allen

Free Spider Solitaire

"I do spend many hours plying this game I never get tired of it, to me is 5 stars game"
— Angel Gonzalez

"Free Spider Solitaire is the only version I play! I've been playing for more than twenty (20) years, I'm ADDICTED. Your version is clean and responsive. Others are cartoon like and have a delayed response. I've been playing so long, my winning percentage is 1 out of every three 3 games. Thank you for doing such a great job on this game. Hopefully I can play for another 20+ years."
— Joseph Suraco

Free FreeCell Solitaire

"Best Games In fact, it challenges a user to think and play his moves. Simply a great game to play. Love it"
— Nixon Fernandes

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