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Version Update - April 14, 2021

- New Winning Animations!

Version Update - November 26, 2020

- New languages added: Українська and 繁體中文!

Version Update - October 24, 2020

- New languages added: Türk and ไทย!

Version Update - December 13, 2019

- Includes the new "Winter Scenes" Theme!

Version Update - November 19, 2019

New "New Game" menu, with new buttons, graphics and new menu items
Game dialog boxes can be moved throughout the screen
Game "Autoplay" speed has been improved
Improved game playability

Version Update - October 11, 2019

Enjoy playing your favorite solitaire card games with the beautiful "Autumn Colors" theme!

Version Update - Jul 26, 2019

The new "Summer Holidays" theme has been added!
Includes game playability improvements

Version Update - Apr 10, 2019

Layouts optimized for increasing the card size when playing on smartphones.

Version Update - Apr 1, 2019

The new "Spring Joy" theme has been added!
Includes game playability improvements

Version Update - Feb 13, 2019

Includes minor improvements

Version Update - Jan 08, 2019

Includes the new "Themes". A theme is a set of graphic elements, including a background, a card set and a card back.

Version Update - Dec 28, 2018

Includes the "Install App" feature: now you can easily add an icon to your desktop and have Solitaire handy all time! Follow this link and click on "Install app"

Version Update - Sep 27, 2018

- We have improved the display size of the solitaire games
- Left-handed option added

Version Update - Sep 6, 2018

Now you can add Solitaire - Play Online 12 Games to your phone or tablet Home Screen

Version Update - Jun 30, 2018

- "Show Enter Hi-Scores" Check Box in the "Options" Menu
- Change Player name in the "Options" Menu
- "Hints" command improvement

Version Update - Feb 11, 2018

- Progress bar
- Hi-Scores
- Achievements dialog box when a level game is reached